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Amputee Rehabilitation and Prosthetics

Salt Lake City amputee resources

Our amputee program at Fit Prosthetic is unique and focuses on a continuum of technological sophistications and amputee care plans. Our team of professionals is committed towards working to improve your function and mobility through various approaches. We are committed to training you on preserving your limb and foot health and to maximize your adapted skills with a prosthetic limb

We have a wide array of therapies, medical treatments, and prosthetic technologies. We have bee

n focusing on next-generation prosthetic tech in the production of lower and upper extremity custom made prosthetics for amputees in SLC. Some of our amputee prosthetics are used to achieve what was previously inconceivable for our clients. 

At Fit Prosthetics, we believe in hard work and a holistic approach of care to help every amputee reach his or her dreams and goals in both personal and professional worlds. While your body and life may drastically change following amputation, we believe you should life live well. 

Amputee Treatment and Rehabilitation

We provide treatment care and rehabilitation for amputees who have lost a leg, finger, foot, arm, hand, even multiple limbs. While some people are born without part of their limbs, others undergo amputation for various reasons.

Some of the reasons for amputation would be cancer, diabetes, bone infection, blood flow problems, trauma, and foot deformity. Some patients lose their limb in military combat, car accidents, or accidents at work.

In our amputee care programs, you will receive support from a team of specialists who work together to achieve the best recovery outcome. You may receive care from rehabilitation physicians, nurses, surgeons, physical therapists, Salt Lake City UT prosthetists, occupational therapists, and social workers.

These specialists are trained to help amputees improve their strength, movement, and endurance. We offer counseling, Salt Lake City amputee resources, and pain management coaching before and after amputation. Contact Fit Prosthetics to learn more about our products and services (801) 912-0500.

Adaptive Equipment For Salt Lake City UT prosthetics

Our specialists are dedicated to engineering resolutions for our amputee patients to help them live to their optimum potential. Our specialists take advantage of the most recent technological advancements and devices while our team researchers are working on discovering the next-gen prosthetics.

3D printing — We use 3D print prosthetics to provide affordable, high-quality alternatives for amputees who can’t afford standard options. We also produce unique attachments and tools to assist amputees in coping with daily life activities.

Our specialists will help you find the best for you, whether you have multiple amputations or are missing a limb. We partner with prosthetists and engineers to offer you personalized solutions that will assist you in adapting to your everyday life. Besides that, we will talk with you about your recreational activities, work, hobbies, and overall health to determine which prosthetic will serve your needs best.


Amputee Resources in Salt Lake Utah

Prosthetic Fitting and Training

A prosthetist will apply various techniques from 3D scanning to handcrafted custom molds to determine the perfect prosthetic that best fits your body. This takes place about four to six weeks after amputation surgery to allow your skin enough time to heal.

After amputation, the residual limb changes shape and size until its completely healed. This may initially necessitate multiple changes to the pressure or alignment of your prosthetic limb every few months for the perfect fit and function. 

We also recommend the highest level of hygiene to keep the liner worn over the residual limb fresh. We will also train you on how to clean and protect your skin since it shouldn’t be too wet or too dry beneath the prosthetic. Our specialists will also train you on how to avoid muscle injuries in healthier body parts opposite of the amputation.

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