best health insurance plans for Family Texas

Imagine entering a restaurant that offers a lunch or dinner buffet. You see long lines of steam tables with trays of hot meat dishes, vegetables, and desserts. After being seated, you approach the buffet expecting to load up your plate with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. But then, to your horror, you realize that you’ve made a mistake and walked into a foreign buffet with trays of food that are totally unrecognizable and at a price that is double of what you expected to pay.

That confused and shocked feeling you have at the buffet is the same when you try to find the best health care plan for your family. Like those dishes of strange food, you get lost in the jumble of deductibles, co-pays, lifetime benefits, premiums, and other confusing terms. And if you are trying to figure out the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obama care), you get more befuddled when confronted with terms like the “Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLCSP)” that is used determine any premium and subsidies.

Considered the best health insurance plans for a family in Texas, Veteran-owned Honor Insurance was created with the idea that there had to be a better way for families to get the health coverage they need at a truly affordable price. That “better way” is to bundle smaller policies to cover three main area of need (Catastrophic hospitalization, Minor Hospital, and ER visits, and a plan for cancer, heart attacks, and strokes) with supplemental policies to form a complete plan.

No More Empty Pockets

One key issue with traditional health care coverage and the ACA policies is the out-of-pocket expenses that confront the family after an accident or illness requiring hospitalization. Honor Insurance has tackled this problem with a Set Benefit policy that is part of the overall health insurance plan. Called an Out-of-Pocket Protection Plan it features:

  • Benefits that are paid directly to you, the policyholder unless you assign them to be paid to your provider
  • Payments are in addition to all other insurance you may have.
  • There are no deductibles and no networks.
  • You choose the benefits and premiums. For example, if you are admitted to a hospital as a resident inpatient, the plan offers three benefit levels of $2,500, $5,000 and $6,350

Another Honor Insurance choice to consider as part of your overall plan is the Affordable Choice option underwritten by Manhattan Life Assurance Company of America. There are two levels of coverage, the Classic plan with a premium for an individual age 30-39 at $104 and the Elite plan with a premium of $132. That extra $28 will give you double the benefits in some areas like Emergency Room and Urgent Care ($125 per day for the Classic plan and $250 per day for the Elite plan).

Honor Insurance cannot help you at that buffet table, but they can lead you through the maze of paperwork and explain the confusing aspects of health care coverage in plain and simple language.

Residents can call 817-223-4095 or use the online form to begin the process of getting the best health insurance plans for a family in Texas. Remember that Honor Insurance is Veteran owned.

best health insurance plans for Family Texas

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best health insurance plans for Family Texas

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