Doctor Preference Cards

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has also been transformed by the digital revolution, at least in part. Much of how the system works still responds to models that have been in place for decades, but the tools have been updated at breakneck speed. 

Doctor preference cards are a clear example of how technology and advances in healthcare resource management models can combine to positively affect healthcare facilities.

The standardization of surgical preference cards brings with it a range of benefits so extensive that it is difficult to enumerate. This solution designed to improve and virtually automate communication between surgeons and ancillary and pre-op teams is one of the best aces up the sleeve that any medical institution can implement if it wants to improve its efficiency levels and much more.

Preference card standardization allows surgeons to have more control over various aspects of the surgeries they perform on their patients: from the materials and tools to the operating room set-up to details such as the music the surgeon prefers to listen to during the procedure.

If you need more, these are some examples of the advantages of preference cards:

The cards store dynamic content

Our preference cards are easy to update and connect in real-time to verify that the information they contain is accurate. We know that preferences can change in some cases, so we design our solutions to make it easy to make changes.

Increased efficiency

An obvious benefit of this type of tool is that the operating room’s efficiency increases dramatically, which has a multiplier effect on the rest of the facility where preference cards are being used. This gain in efficiency is an effect of the good use of materials and having a record of where the facility’s resources are used in each procedure performed.

Patient safety

One of the most important advantages of using preference cards is that, by controlling more aspects of the surgical procedure, surgeons can better take care of the patient without worrying about external elements or completely preventable situations. Preference cards allow surgeons to perform operations under the best possible conditions.

Surgeon satisfaction

The main beneficiary of implementing the use of preference cards is the surgeon, of course. By being in control of their working conditions, positive outcomes are more likely to be common, affecting their satisfaction with their working conditions.

Staff retention

Along with the surgeon, a good environment and positive outcomes also affect the medical staff involved in surgical interventions. Staff retention is also positively affected by the use of tools such as preference cards.

Now that you know the advantages of using preference cards to improve the conditions under which operations are performed in a healthcare facility, you will certainly want to try the best alternatives to ensure that you have the precision you need. If you want to try our preference cards or talk in detail with one of our representatives to clarify your doubts, sign up for a free surgeon account, request a demo, call us, or contact us online: 

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Doctor Preference Cards

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