Douleur pendant les relations sexuelles près de Montréal

30% of women worldwide experience pain during sex for many different reasons. Sadly, many of these women do not seek treatment because they assume the problem will fade away or rely on topical treatments like lubricants to get through their intimate lives. Sex should never be uncomfortable if you are in excellent health.

It is essential to have guilt-free discussions about your sexual struggles with your partner or a medical expert who will point you in the right direction. Openness will save you from the shame of feeling like you cannot satisfy your partner or having to grit your teeth to play a role. We are aware there are perfectly diverse reasons sex could hurt, including underlying health issues that are unrelated to your genitals or sex life. Here is what could be causing your sexual pain if it is a little more than the normal ouch or threshold you expect for yourself.

Causes of pain during sex

  1. Gynecological issues

The first blame for most women is the gynecological conditions that affect their sexual organs. The following are typical examples:

Pelvic inflammatory disease

The infection affects the uterus, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes to cause painful symptoms in your lower abdomen and the vulva, alongside a range of other signs.


The illness causes growth along the uterine lining, which reacts to monthly hormonal changes that shed the uterine wall every month, causing pain and scarring before or during the sexual act.


These are tumors that develop on uterine walls and rarely have symptoms unless they grow bigger. A developed fibroid could cause painful sex and heavy bleeding because it interferes with normal uterine function.


It is usual for cysts to develop and resolve on their own during ovulation. Sex can trigger these cysts to rupture, leading up to sharp and deep pains with internal and external bleeding.


Inflammation of the cervix happens for many different reasons, such as yeast infections, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HPV, among many more illnesses. You can also get cervicitis from a bad reaction to latex, which then causes extremely painful penetration.


The medical condition causes involuntary muscle spasms of vaginal walls, making it painful for you to enjoy sex or using tampons because the pressure triggers pain.  

  1. Dermatological diseases

Skin issues outside of the cervix can always cause problems in your vulvar skin because it is still an extension of your skin. Some dermatological issues that lead to painful sex include psoriasis, lichen planus, and eczema.

These skin issues cause vaginal dryness because and are difficult to resolve with simple topical lubricants. We look at all underlying issues causing vaginal dryness, such as anemia, diabetes, and hormonal changes to determine how they affect your skin. The clinician may also need your medical history including recent childbirth to determine how your body changes to shifting hormonal levels like estrogen. 

Sexual pain should never get in your way of enjoying a relationship, starting a family or any other goal when Ewe have several treatment options to annihilate the discomfort fast. Let us help you get to the bottom of the issue when you make an appointment online or call 450-864-1030 for more details.

Douleur pendant les relations sexuelles près de Montréal