Drug Rehabilitation Centers In Florida

St. John's Recovery Place is a full-service drug and alcohol rehab center with a reputation as one of the best Florida addiction recovery centers. We have been described as one of the most luxurious, state-of-the-art medical detox facilities and residential drug and alcohol rehab centers in the Florida region. We provide comprehensive treatment programs that cater to your body, mind, and spirit.

One of such programs is our inpatient drug rehab program. Here is how it works.

 Our Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab

One reason we have established a reputation as a leader in drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL is our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. It is designed to have all that they need to get the proper treatment they need to get their lives back.

Once you enroll with us, we provide a range of opportunities. Depending on the severity of the addiction, you could stay at the facility for at least ten days. The idea is to help you disconnect from the environment that may have led to your addiction and allow you to generate a new sense of purpose, focus, and physical/mental improvement.

Thankfully we have a great climate that makes it all healthy and fun. The Florida climate allows you to enjoy outdoor activities whenever you want. So your overall health and mood improve, and you are better disposed to the course of the therapy program.

As one of the premium drug addiction rehabs in Florida, we incorporate holistic, complementary, alternative, and traditional therapies paired with individual and group counseling.

We understand that fighting addiction comes in stages. That is why we create treatment plans that match your unique needs. For instance, we ensure that each treatment plan caters to the withdrawal symptoms of whatever substance you were addicted to, offering around-the-clock medical attention when necessary.

Why Choose Us?

Few alcohol treatment centers in Florida can match our holistic approach to substance abuse. When you enroll for our inpatient rehab program, you can count on a combination of various conventional therapy programs and modalities with individualized approaches that are designed to help you reach your recovery goals ASAP. Our inpatient rehab facilities are also well maintained and comfortable, earning us a spot as one of Florida's leading luxury rehab centers. Truth be told, we have added value to the Florida drug treatment industry since we came on the scene.

Begin your journey towards recovery today

Overcoming substance use disorders is a marathon and not a sprint. There’ll be hard days along the line, and you constantly have to develop healthy coping skills amidst various triggers. However, the price of becoming addiction-free pales compared to the price of addiction, which makes the journey worth every bit of pain and discomfort. 

So, if you or anyone you know is struggling with substance use disorders, encourage them to visit St John’s Recovery Place, the leading drug rehabilitation center in Florida. Our facility provides a serene environment for recovery, and we have the best staff to help our patients along every step of their journey. Contact us today to speak with admissionsverify your insurance, or get help for someone you know with drug addiction.  


Drug Rehabilitation Centers In Florida

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Drug Rehabilitation Centers In Florida

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