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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Acknowledging your struggles with drug and substance abuse is the first step towards your recovery. The next step involves finding a treatment program that will lead you to sobriety, happiness, and well-being.

Various treatment options exist from which you can choose. For instance, people with severe forms of addiction go for a detox program before joining the top rehab centers in Riverside. Also, you may decide to begin your recovery journey at an inpatient or outpatient facility.

Why go for rehab

The recovery journey may not be easy, and it will take a significant amount of self-discipline and willpower to achieve sobriety. However, you will have support throughout this journey. You will build a relationship with other patients going through the same struggle as you. Also, you will have support for yourself and your family. Finding the right Riverside drug rehab program will put you or a loved one on the road to sobriety.

Inpatient or our patient, which is best for you?

Treatment programs vary with each client. They can customize it based on your unique situation and needs.

Inpatient treatment and rehab

Inpatient recovery programs also referred to as residential treatment, will require the patient to check into a facility where the environment is controlled to help them overcome their addiction. You will board in a facility with 24-hours emotional and medical support.

At an inpatient recovery facility, you will focus entirely on getting well and sober without the everyday distractions of life. Your typical day in Riverside, CA, alcohol treatment centers is scheduled carefully and accounted for. You will meet with counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists individually and in a group setting to guide you in your recovery. The treatment program can run for 28days to six months.

First, you will undergo a detox program that is medically assisted. A specialist will monitor your vital signs as the drugs exit your system. This constant care will guard the patient against relapse.

The clinicians will offer you medicine and medical expertise to lessen your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms for some drugs are not pleasant and may require medical supervision. Some can be fatal. The 24-hour care makes the difference between recovery and relapse.

Outpatient treatment and rehab

The treatment program is less restrictive and requires about 10 to 12 hours of visits to your local treatment center. Your sessions will revolve around individual and group counseling, drug abuse education, and teachings on how to live a drug-free life. An outpatient rehab facility is a good option for patients with mild addiction or form part of an extensive treatment program. Outpatient care can last three to six months or over a year. As a patient, you might find outpatient addiction treatment in riverside California a suitable alternative to inpatient treatment. Their detox is safe, effective, and takes a shorter time than residential detox.

Also, You can continue to work and remain close to your family and friends. The facilities mostly hold their meeting very early in the morning or at night to facilitate a regular schedule for the patients.

In addition, you may join a twelve-step group as part of your treatment program. These programs, together with outpatient mental health centers, help patients to stay sober.

Irrespective of the treatment program you choose, rehab can change your life.

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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab