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Masturbation Addiction Recovery Boulder

While we all understand that masturbation generally has several health benefits, it does seem that you still have to do it moderately. One of the common reasons why people masturbate is to de-stress. When you are under a lot of pressure or have a mood disorder, masturbation can help you feel relaxed and better.

Masturbation addiction refers to the desire to masturbate inappropriately or compulsively. Most people do not realize they’re getting addicted till it’s too late.

Signs of Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation itself isn’t wrong until you start getting obsessed with the feeling of orgasm. So, how much is too much? Here are five signs that you’re getting addicted to masturbation

  1. You’re Masturbating More than Usual

The first sign of masturbation addiction is an increased frequency of the act. Once it starts consuming much of your time and energy, or if you feel compelled to do it more often than usual, you’re most certainly getting addicted.

People with masturbation addiction spend hours on the internet searching for pornography to fuel their desires. Fortunately for you, there are masturbation addiction recovery centers in Boulder ready to help.

  1. You’re Doing It Even When It’s Risky

Another sign of masturbation addiction is that you can’t restrain yourself from doing it in places you shouldn’t. Masturbation addicts may not mind getting caught by their wives, in the workplace, and in public areas. Unfortunately, it may result in severe consequences like losing your job or your marriage.

If you discover that your desire to watch pornography or masturbate surpasses your risk threshold, it might be time to seek healing for sex and porno addiction in Boulder.

  1. Sex Doesn’t Feel As Pleasurable.

If you start choosing masturbation over sex with your partner or it is coming between you and your significant other, that’s a sign that you’re getting addicted, and it’s time to seek help. Some addicts turn down their partners because they’ve already masturbated and aren’t in the mood for sex.

  1. Your Self-Esteem is Affected

If you’re constantly masturbating and are losing confidence or feeling guilty for what you’re doing but don’t know how to quit, you’re probably addicted. Masturbation addiction can aggravate mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, particularly if it results in dire consequences like job loss.

It can make you feel damaged than everyone else around you, but you don’t need to wait till it’s too late.

  1. You Use It For Managing Negative Moods

Some addicts use masturbation to relieve stress and manage their emotions. Masturbation may act as a stress-coping mechanism for people who have endured trauma in the past.

If you’re addicted to self-gratification, it’s as if you’re in a bubble for a while. There’s a build-up and then a release, leaving you relaxed and calm afterward. Unfortunately, the feeling may not last for too long. You may need to masturbate more frequently to enjoy a more extended period of calm, which can lead to masturbation addiction. Once you notice these signs, you need to approach a sex therapist for sex addiction treatment in Boulder.

You can stop masturbation addiction from now. Contact Begin Again Institute for the world’s leading intensive healing for sex porn addictions and intimacy disorders: 720-702-4608

Masturbation Addiction Recovery Boulder

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Masturbation Addiction Recovery Boulder

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