Medical Preference Cards

Preference cards are catalogs of the specific supplies, tools, and room setup that a surgeon requires for a particular type of surgery. While medical preference card instruction used to be stored on physical notecards, they are often electronic today. Surgeons indicate the items required for specific surgical procedures they perform, and this detail is entered onto the preference card. The surgical team then makes sure that your items are available and set up in the right operating room before the commencement of the operation. 

Prefcards offer a preference card standardization system that empowers all stakeholders of the operating room, including surgeons, hospital administration, and schedulers. Here is how our preference cards help to standardize your operating room.

Improving Outcomes 

Patient safety during surgery is directly influenced by having the right instruments, supplies, medications, and equipment at the right time. This preparation allows the surgical team to focus on the patient and not waste their time searching for required items. The case of delays, complications, or even cancellations may occur when the required supplies are not available. Besides, a surgical team with poorly maintained surgeon preference cards is at risk of having a high turnover of staff that can be related to the problems associated with working without the right tools and resources for their job.

At Prefcards, we offer standardization of surgical preference cards, which make it easier to access the cards, with no complicated software getting in the way of what needs to be done. With that, all you need to do is to do your job and focus on the safety of the patient.

A Proven Preference Card Solution

Technology has now improved many practices within the operating room. It has also been used to improve the accuracy of medical preference cards. At Prefcards, we know that doctor preference cards accuracy and optimization are vital to recognizing and decreasing unjustified clinical variation in surgery. Our digital preference card system is designed to make your card accurate from the beginning and updated based on a surgeon’s individual preference. Our system has been shown to help improve case picking and update preference cards more quickly. It also helps improve staff training, reduce surgical waste, and improve user satisfaction.

Lowering Costs

About 30 percent of items collected before surgery go unused, and they are often thrown away. An opportunity to reduce costs is to determine the variation between surgeon choices for items used for the same surgical procedures. Prefcards allow for a significant amount of surgeon preference in decisions within a wide range of practices. The preference exploits the requested supplies for surgery, causing a cost variance and huge complexity. You can address some of this variation through medical preference card analysis.

Also, our doctor preference cards help optimize workflows that promote staff engagement which has helped our clients identify thousands of dollars worth of supplies that were unwarranted during the first phase of preference card clean-up. By implementing a defined process, they were able to find more in the second year. 

With Prefcards, you can transform your operating room into a performance-boosting asset. Sign up for a free surgeon account, request a demo, call us, or contact us online.

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Medical Preference Cards

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