Medicare Back Brace

Back pain is caused by various factors. The pain can affect both your range of motion and daily comfort. When left untreated, back pain becomes worse with time. It can limit social, recreational, and family activities.  Medicare back brace offers a non-surgical solution to help improve your daily life by supporting a dynamic range of motions. Back braces are able to mimic the natural movement of your body, which helps you regain your comfort and an active lifestyle. At Affinity Medical Supplies Inc, we offer superior quality, innovative, and comfortable back braces to improve your quality of life.

Why Our Back Braces Are the Best

The right medical support device can help you maintain or return to a more active lifestyle. Staying active can prove challenging at times, especially when you begin to suffer from unexplained back pains. Recovering from an injury can also be challenging, and the patience needed adds mental distress. That is why we recommend the METFORCE back brace for you. This is one of the best Medicare-approved pain-relieving back braces. It is better than any other in the market in that:

  • You Can Purchase It with Your Insurance

‘Will Medicare cover the cost of my back brace?’ The answer is yes. As opposed to other back braces, you can get your back brace covered by Medicare. We pride ourselves on our speedy turnaround and cannot wait to help you make massive improvements to your quality of life. If you’re wondering, ‘does Medicare cover back braces?’ you can contact our team.

  • Our Back Brace Offers Better Performance and Maximum Support Than Others

Our premium Medicare back brace for free is the best in the market. It will provide you with the right and maximum support if you experience frequent chronic pain or occasional back pain. Our back brace is made from a combination of superior quality materials, which include polyester, poly-thermoplastic polymer, spandex, nylon, sponge, and polyoxymethylene. This combination of extremely breathable and most comfortable materials makes it easy to wear our back brace for extended periods when necessary. 

  • Our Design Is Unmatched

Our braces come with a sleek design that allows them to be worn both under and over your clothing. The universal sizing of our back braces ensures that they work effectively for all body types. Our METFORCE back brace is easily adjustable and works from a single-pull compression system. You can rest assured its performance is second to none compared to other back braces in the market.

  • We Have the Extensive Experience

We have years of orthopedic support experience. Our experience, coupled with our understanding of how back pain can impact your life, negatively enables us to find the right solution for your back pain.

Back Braces Experts, Here for You

Back problems can prevent you from sharing special moments with loved ones, doing everyday activities, and enjoying life. Whether you experience occasional back pain or severe sharp pains that occur whenever you exert too much physical energy, having the right Medicare back brace can make all the difference. Contact Affinity Medical Supplies Inc on (866) 918-0780 or shop now.