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Sex Addiction Treatment Facility For Men

It is not very uncommon to find Christian men struggling to overcome addiction to pornography in our world today, and this is gradually dividing Christian’s homes and families. Porn addicted Christians may face many effects ranging from extreme guilt, feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, stress, resentment, and confusion.

How the Internet is Aiding Pornography

Before now, porn used to be a built-in deterrent because one had to go somewhere to find it physically. For example, an individual would have to visit a store to buy a sexually explicit video or other materials, bringing up the possibility that someone might see him doing it. With the Internet today, people can view pornography in the privacy of their homes without the fear of being identified.

Does God Detest Pornography?

God detests uncleanliness like pornography and Christians who engage in such must seek spiritual assistance to overcome it. Christ encourages his followers to be pure and holy (1 Peter 1:16), so every secret sin will distract your spiritual life.

It was out of the need to provide help for porn-addicted Christians that Boulder Recovery was established. And over the years, testimonies of how spiritual intervention has proved to be the best in porn addiction treatment in Boulder keep tripping in. Below are ways in which pornography harms families and individuals.

  • Pornography Affects your Spiritual Life

This is why pornography makes it difficult for you to pray to God, and even when you do, does God give listening ears? Isaiah 59:2 put it best; ‘but your sins have separated between you and your God, and your iniquities have hid his face from you that he never hears you.’

Day-by-day pornography tends to affect your spirituality, your heart, your mind, and your relationships, which will drastically distort the way you hear from God and walk with Him daily.  

  • It Causes Emotional Trauma and Dissatisfaction with Partner

The case is different with married men as the effects are more devastating for married Christian men than single men, as it desensitizes the viewer to their own. Such men become dissatisfied with their spouses. They prefer staying glued to their phones and laptops to watch young porn stars over spending intimacy with their spouse and family members, thus creating a vacuum in such families.

  • Pornography Put you Under Sexual Slavery.

A sex slave is referred to as a person who is another person’s property, and that owner forces the slave to obey them by performing sex acts, usually for money. Pornography addiction often renders men as a slave to those porn stars, and will always feel the compelling urge to practice the act. Pornography is to sex slavery as gasoline is to the engines of motor vehicles. Gas fuels engines. Pornography fuels sex slavery.

  • Pornography Leads to Financial Waste

When you indulge in pornography, you waste your time and energy, and sometimes money. Pornography is costly, especially considering the amount of money, data, and even time it consumes. Thousands of money is spent on downloading porn videos, pictures, and other materials; this usually leads to the financial instability of the addict.

How We Can Help

At Boulder Recovery, our vision is to be a Christ-centered and clinically innovative porn and sex addiction recovery institution that returns men to an authentic connection with God, their partners, and themselves. 

Overcoming the sin of pornography requires a strong will and desire to look away, which eventually seems uneasy. Furthermore, pornography possesses extreme power over men, and serious divine intervention must be sought to overcome.

It’s tough to walk the path of overcoming porn addiction alone. Hence, it is good to have a trusted person who will hold you accountable, regularly checking up on you and asking about your progress. And that’s what our recovery program is about, as we could pray with you while ensuring that we constantly keep in touch with you to know how you are progressing.

Boulder Recovery is the only Christian intensive sex addiction treatment facility for men in North America. We are situated in Boulder, Colorado, where sex addiction therapists for men are available to guide, counsel, and help Christian porn-addicted men to overcome their addiction through online psychoeducation, care, and interaction coupled with prayers.

Although we’ve always been a faith-based organization, we do not offer religious bias services, as our support systems are open to people of all climes and religions.      

Let us pray for you. But, then, if you feel ashamed about your problem, don’t! We’ve been there ourselves, and we want to share with you how Christ – and Christ alone – can change your life.

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Sex Addiction Treatment Facility For Men

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