Stryker 1588

3D laparoscopic systems are becoming common in the healthcare industry, with recent studies showing that the 3D technique is superior in experimental settings. Recently, 14 medical professionals undertook 2D versus 3D black box skill training. The training adapted to the laparoscopic surgery fundamentals is a Programme offered by the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES). The participants categorize themselves as beginners, advanced, or professionals in laparoscopic surgery. Then they are randomized based on whether the training started with 2D or 3D vision. The exercises were peg transfer with the dominant and non-dominant hand, cutting sutures knots, and needle capping. The time taken to finish the activities was taken into account. After training, participants were asked to describe their impression of the imaging systems.

Medical Endoscopes

We have been leaders in medical endoscopies for over four decades. Over the years, we have provided endoscopic and surgical products to veterinary and medical doctors, making us a valuable resource for our clients for endoscopic devices purchase. We understand how medical endoscopes produce significant development in medicine. We update the medical endoscope inventory by offering the latest accessories and endoscopes available.

Importance of Endoscopes

Medical endoscopes allow doctors to make considerable adjustments to treat patients comfortably and effectively fight illness. The primary benefit of medical endoscopes is that they have dual functionalities and perform diagnostic and therapeutic functions. Medical endoscopy advancements make it easier to do biopsies in hard-to-access areas of the body. Injecting medication intravenously in distant veins and spots are some of the advances.

Why Us?

Our reputation develops because we can locate hard-to-find industrial and medical endoscopes and related accessories. If we do not offer a specific multi-purpose or medical endoscope, you can trust our sales representatives to look for and get you exactly what you want.

New endoscopes, more so those from major manufacturers, are expensive. Therefore: we offer new, refurbished, and rebuilt medical endoscopes with a one-year warranty.

If you need a rare and specialized endoscope, go to our website and check our inventory which features over 1500 various endoscopy products. While our company is an entire service facility for medical endoscopes, our organization distinguishes itself by our internationally recognized low-cost endoscopy repair services.

We are an (AAAHC) Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care certified institution. Our commitment to obtaining the accreditation shows that our health professionals participate in peer reviews, evaluations, and continuous training to improve their quality of service and care. From 2000, our AAAHC certificate is a sign that meets and exceeds nationally recognized standards while delivering high-quality and safe patient care.

We are also part of the WakeMed Key Community Care, a care organization by WakeMed Health and Hospitals with over 400 significant physicians with different subspecialties who provide the triangle community with excellent and coordinated care.

Our state of the Art enhanced equipment provides efficient mucosal visualization. We apply an endoscopic video imaging system that combines four LEDs to achieve optimal illumination. Our advanced equipment enables doctors to study abnormal areas with varying light sources and an expanded field of vision that helps visualize more tricky areas to observe with ease. This means to patients that there is no chance of missing problem areas.

Stryker 1588