TMJ Appliances Oak Park

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre is a top-rated clinic for TMJ appliances in Oak Park with state-of-the-art amenities, advanced treatments, innovative laser therapies, and a highly skilled medical team. Dr. Shirazi is a leading specialist for temporomandibular disorders with several years of experience, the highest level of medical training, and several positive reviews from past patients.

What is a TMJ appliance? Do they work for TMJ?

These are oral devices that offer a non-invasive and drug-free treatment solution to individuals with TMJ disorders. A TMJ appliance is highly effective in lowering the pressure on the jaw joints and reducing teeth grinding. It also helps treat TMD symptoms faster.

Individuals can enjoy a restful sleep, reduce their risk for several health issues, and align the jaw position. It is one of the most reliable and affordable treatments for TMJ disorders and has very few risks or side effects compared to surgery or other, more invasive options.

Will I have TMJ forever?

Patients with TMJ experience mild to sharp pains in the joint occasionally and face difficulties when opening and closing their mouths or chewing. The good news is that you can reverse this condition with proper treatment. Some patients also overcome the TMJ pain permanently with treatment. Your doctor may recommend to quit habits that cause you to put pressure on the temporomandibular joint, like teeth grinding or clenching. If chewing food causes more pain, you will have to adopt a softer diet to ensure that you’re not pressuring your teeth too much.

Custom-made oral splints for temporomandibular joint disorders can prevent you from clenching or grinding your teeth. TMJ appliances go over your lower or upper teeth and act as a cushion, placing rest on the temporomandibular joint and allowing it to recover without any hindrance. Some patients achieve complete relief from their pain within a few weeks of using an oral splint. It is pivotal that you continue to live on a predominantly soft diet to prevent tension on the newly recovered joint. As a top-rated clinic for oral appliances for temporomandibular disorders, we recommend specific jaw exercises alongside oral splint to help our patients achieve a quick recovery and lasting pain relief from facial pain and discomfort.

Types of TMJ Appliances

There are a few types of oral appliances for TMJ disorders. Consult a treatment provider for a proper diagnosis and buy an oral splint that best caters to your recovery goals. Some of the most used TMJ appliances are:

  1. Stabilization or flat plane splint – It is a splint that covers all the upper teeth. It comes with a flat surface that reduces tooth grinding and alleviates facial pain and muscle soreness.
  2. Anterior bite plane – This device fits the upper jaw and helps prevent clenching and grinding. 
  3. Repositioning splint – Your doctor may recommend this oral device if the goal is to move the lower jaw forward or backward into a more natural position.

Your search for the best oral splint for temporomandibular joint disorders ends here. To meet Dr. Shirazi and discuss your medical problems, call 805-496-5700 or 310-401-0813. TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre can help you achieve your wellness goals using an integrated treatment approach and innovative therapies. We sell superior quality TMJ appliances in Oak Park at the lowest cost.

TMJ Appliances Oak Park