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California is a beautiful country but the addiction rate is quite alarming here. Around 8% of the total population suffers from addiction which makes about 3 million people. Addictions are nightmares that somehow destroy the life of a person and even the people around him. But living such an awful life should not be the choice anyone has to make.

California alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers are providing top-of-line treatments and rehab facilities to their patients. It’s a battle that no one has to fight alone. Keeping this in mind California Rehab Center has opened its doors to provide promising assistance to the people suffering from any addiction. It is one of the best alcohol and drug rehab in Orange County, California.

Rehab Center in Orange County

Our top rehab centers in California are focused entirely on using scientific approaches along with psychological treatments. We make sure that they can overcome the physical dependency as well as treat the root cause of the problem. This helps them to stay clean and sober for a longer period.

When it comes to accommodation facilities, we are providing a healthy and extremely comfortable environment to help you get well and stay motivated. Our California drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs have a well-trained staff that assists all the patients in a way that is convenient and suitable for the patients themselves.

Programs we offer

Substance abuse damages brain chemistry. It makes the body as well as the brain dependent on such drugs and alcohol. Therefore upon your admission to our California drug rehab and addiction center, we conduct a thorough mental health assessment which enables us to formulate a treatment program based on your needs and mental requirements. Some of the addiction treatments that we offer at California Rehab Center are as follows:

  • Medical Drug Detox: In this treatment, the individual is monitored professionally to overcome the symptoms of drug withdrawal. We use evidence-based detox treatments to avoid any complications in the future. Nutritious meals, FDA-approved medications, yoga, mindful meditation is also part of the plan to provide therapeutic effects. Our customized plans are based on the type of drugs taken in the past, the period for which the drugs were used, and other underlying effects as well.
  • Residential Treatment Programs: Most people enroll in a 90-day residential program but later on perform so well that they transfer to a 60day program. In most cases, patients are kept for 90days or longer as per their needs. 90 days is a period that allows the patient to recover fully from all the symptoms caused by the overuse of drugs and alcohol. They receive behavioral group and individual therapies to cope with stress later without opting for drugs and alcohol.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: It is for those who are suffering from underlying mental illness along with substance abuse. Most of the time mental illness makes a person use drugs and alcohol to feel relieved. But we use medications and behavioral therapies to provide safe and effective treatment to our patients. Our goal is to provide a healthy lifestyle without the need for any drugs and alcohol.
  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Our alcohol addiction treatment programs are designed to affect this alcohol addiction in such a way that its impact and consequences are reduced without endangering their life. We use pharmacotherapy and behavioral therapies to assist our patients.

Contact California Rehab Campus to speak confidentially with a highly trained treatment consultant, where you can verify your insurance and get the help you need for yourself or your loved ones before it is too late.

Treatment Centers In California

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Treatment Centers In California

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