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Don’t Let Inaccurate
Cards Hurt Your Credibility

Whether you’re a hospital or ASC, you probably have at least 5 of these problems.

Learn what they are and how PREFcards™ solves each one of them.

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The Perfect
Preference Card
Important Notes

For your card to be perfect, you’re going to want to have a section at the very top for the most critical information that the staff needs to know about this procedure.

Having item notes on specific items on the card not only makes for clear instructions but ensures that there is unanimity in how the staff uses the item for this specific procedure.

Having the card actually connected to your inventory unlocks a myriad of benefits, but one of them is certainly the ability to have the price of the item on the card. This helps with clarity, but also helps drive care when the OR staff is deciding whether to actually open an item or simply keep it available.

Having clear names on the card is critical. Too often the names on cards are formal, inventory-specific names and not the names the OR staff uses. This leads to confusion and errors when it matters most.

Like with the images, having the inventory number on each item makes it much less likely that there will be a mistake made anywhere along the process of picking the case.

Pretty self-explanatory. By having clear images of the items (or full trays), it reduces the chance that the wrong item is pulled for the case and/or put in the OR.

When you have a threshold at your facility for what constitutes an “expensive item”, it allows you to highlight items on your cards that are worth taking extra care when handling or opening them. Less waste and lower overall case costs.

Having customizable note section are key to making your card clear and easy to follow. These note sections should have a clear title and be short & sweet. Note types can be anything from the type of music the surgeon likes to how the surgeon wants the patient prepped.


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PREFcards™ costs just $100 per month per OR. And if you don’t get 10X back on your investment, we’ll refund your money. But at $1,200 a year per OR, our pricing is our best feature.

Preference cards

Paper vs.

The reason your staff uses paper is because it's easy. No complicated software getting in the way of what needs to be done. We get it. But our solution is actually EASIER than paper. And it costs just $100 per month per OR. Your cards are available on any phone, tablet or PC. You can make changes in less than 10 seconds and your preference cards will never get lost, damaged or be hard to read.


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The 3 Most Important Elements Of A Preference Card Strategy

Build Prefcards02

We'll use your inventory and existing preference cards to build out all of your preference cards into our digital preference card manager.

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We'll work with your inventory managers to either connect to your inventory system or import your inventory into our built-in inventory manager.

Build Prefcards02

We'll use your inventory and existing preference cards to build out all of your preference cards into our digital preference card manager.

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PREFcards™ is incredibly easy to use so the learning curve is minimal. We'll work with your team to make sure everyone is on the same page and make sure it's an easy transition.

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Preference cards

The 11 Must Haves of
Preference Cards

There are 11 key elements that every preference card needs to have. Download the PDF now.

Preference cards

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