Our Story

Like most good things in life, PREFcards™ came about because there was a problem, a great need, and someone irritated enough to address it.

In 2013, brothers Paul and Brandon Reynolds were completely frustrated at the uselessness of surgical preference cards throughout the Las Vegas healthcare system.

perfect card

Brandon, as a fairly new plastic surgeon, was irritated that no matter how many times he submitted his preferences to new facilities or asked for changes to be made, nothing ever seemed to be right. Disposable supplies were being wasted left and right, necessary instruments were not available when they were needed, and cases were being delayed as circulators deciphered cryptic handwritten setup notes. Paul, as the anesthesiologist, of course had to bear the brunt of Brandon’s complaining. So Paul came up with the idea to do something about it.

Working together, the two brothers recruited the most talented programmer they could find (Hi Neil!) and the three of them brainstormed what the perfect surgical preference card system would look like if it were built with today’s best technology. From the ground up, they created a digital, cloud-based, intuitive, 21st century surgical preference card system. Once the system was created, even without a business plan or marketing team the demand for their service grew organically. They started using PREFcards™ at their primary surgery center. Soon, other surgery centers and parent corporate offices caught wind of PREFcards™ and expressed interest. As they expanded PREFcards™ to these other facilities, the three friends started building out their business team with the goal of offering the finest preference card solution on the market today.