Becker’s Presentation: 22 for 22′

Here is a list of all the strategies we reviewed at Becker’s Spine and Ortho conference.
We’ve also attached the PDF version of the powerpoint presentation and a link to an automated demo of PREFcards™.


  • ORScheduler – Uses Artificial Intelligence to create full shift schedules in seconds for Scrub Techs & OR Nurses at facilities, instead of having to manually take into account all the variables that go into creating a schedule.
  • Schedyo – Designed to automated the manual task of scheduling surgeries. Replaces 4 different tools and manual processes.
  • OutPatientPro – Cloud-based EMR designed specifically for ASCs and OBLs.
  • People First Book – Amy Lafko’s incredible book written for healthcare facilities.
  • 22 for 22′ PDF – This is a document with 22 statistics to help you prepare for the 2nd half of 2022 and beyond.
  • Full Presentation – Here is the full presentation we reviewed during the session.
  • PREFcards™ Automated Demo – Watch a fully-automated, personalized demo of PREFcards™

Author: prefcardswp | Date: 2022-06-13