Free Preference Card Toolkit

Free Preference Card Toolkit - Preference Card Template

We recently spoke with hundreds of ASC leaders about their priorities for 2021 and 88% of them said that improving their Preference Cards was a top priority.


It’s no surprise given the fact that having accurate preference cards has massive benefits across most other areas of the facility, including Surgeon Satisfaction scores, Overall OR Efficiency and Lower Procedure Costs.


So, in our efforts to help ASCs thrive this year, we’ve put together a Free Preference Card Toolkit. It includes everything you need to get started if you’re interested in improving your surgical preference cards in 2021.


This Toolkit includes 3 Valuable Resources:

  1. A Checklist of the 8 Must Have Elements of a Perfect Preference Card. You can get that HERE.
  2. A free downloadable surgical preference card excel template with all 8 elements built-in. You can download it HERE.
  3. The Definitive Guide to Accurate Preference Cards: The Top 10 Reasons preference cards become inaccurate overtime. Download it HERE.

We sincerely hope this information can help you implement a better preference card strategy at your facility. And of course, if you’d like our help, we’re more than willing to jump on a free strategy session or demo with your team. You can schedule that HERE.


Happy New Year and Good Luck in 2021!

Author: prefcardswp | Date: 2020-12-30