The 10 Biggest Problems with Preference Cards

Discover Where So Many Preference Cards Go Wrong

Illegible Cards
Not easily shared
between facilities
Misplaced Cards
Not Crossplatform
Messy cards don’t happen automatically.
This problem arises when either the software is too expensive or too difficult to use.
So it’s just easier to have a card they can write on and make updates in seconds.
Our platform is incredibly easy to use and understand.
So of course the first problem we solve is making it very easy to know exactly what
is on the card, including general notes and even item-level notes.
If you’re part of a network, especially with locations close to each other surgeons
& staff who work at both facilities will expect both facilities to be on the same page
regarding their preferences.
When they’re at one location and ask for a change to be made…they’re going to
expect that change to be made at all network facilities
Whether it’s fair or not, this is the expectation.
There are lots of reasons why this may not occur…may have different inventory in
different locations, you may not speak to each other.
So we’ve elegantly solved this
So when a change is made to a shared card at one facility, you’re able to see it and
accept that change at another facility (as long as you are linked).
When you have hand-written cards in files, PDFs on random computers or other
sources, it creates situations where cards can be lost or misplaced..or there’s
questions about which card is the most up-to-date. We’ve seen all of these
scenarios in the field.
Because we’re cloud-based, you always have access to the latest version of the
card on any device…which leads to the next point.
Most other preference card solutions out there do not make it easy to access cards on
mobile, tablets, etc..
Our platform is designed from the ground-up to be accessible via any mobile phone.
No software required.
Every feature of the platform is available from any device.
This is something people already expect, and is certainly going to be the norm in 2020.
For a list of all the elements of a Perfect Preference Card, CLICK HERE.
To see this and other features in action, CLICK HERE to view an automated
demo of the PrefCards platform.
To see how mobile-friendly our platform is, use your phone to CLICK HERE
for the live version of one of our cards.
This is critical in making sure the card is always the latest and most
up-to-date version. By having it stored in the cloud, it protects the
card from being outdated or lost entirely.
Facility A Facility B
No link to inventory
Whether you’re a big hospital or a small surgery center, this is almost always a
problem; where Inventory is not connected to the actual preference card.
Aside from helping to ensure that items are clear, when you have inventory & pricing
info actually connected to cards, you’re able to unlock amazing data like the bell
curve report shown.
This report shows a single procedure, all the surgeons who perform that procedure
at the facility, and the cost differences
You can then dive into the card and see which items are causing these gaps in
Especially when there is no difference in patient outcome
Solving this one problem alone could be worth millions of dollars in cost savings
over the next few years.
To see how inventory connects to the actual card, CLICK HERE
to view an automated demo of the PrefCards platform.
Hard to customize cards
Proprietary Card Builder allows you to fully customize nearly every aspect of your
printed cards
Organize the order of the categories, add item notes or not, include pricing on the
printed cards or not, etc..
Every aspect of the card can be designed so that they fit your best practices
To see the Card Builder in action, CLICK HERE to view an automated demo
of the PrefCards platform.
Creating new cards isn’t easy
Another very important problem that exists with Preference Cards is how difficult
they are to create.
This leads to a number of issues, like cards be made more generic so that they can
be used for multiple types of procedures
Or cards be used for multiple physicians even though they may have different
So we fixed this by making it as easy as clicking one button to make a copy of a
card (with all of the notes and connections to inventory)
and then you can simply make any modifications and save it for a new surgeon or a
different variation of a procedure.
To see how easy we make it to create a new card from an existing card,
CLICK HERE to view an automated demo of the PrefCards platform.
Confusing names
lead to errors
Expensive items aren’t
easily flagged
There’s often a disconnect between what an item is officially called by inventory
managers and what it is referred to by those who are picking the cases or
performing the procedures in the OR.
Our platform allows for keywords, pictures, item notes, inventory info like price and
catalog number
QR-enabled smart cards
This may be the number one reason for unnecessary waste in the OR and
unnecessary inflation of costs for procedures.
When expensive items are opened unnecessarily because people aren’t always on
the same page with how expensive some of these instruments are.
So our system makes it very easy for you to determine what is the price threshold
for an expensive item.
Then from that point forward anything that is above that threshold will
automatically be marked as such on any printed card.
This makes it very easy to help control unnecessary costs.
For a list of all the elements of a Perfect Preference Card, CLICK HERE.
Physicians have little-to-no input
Finally, #10 on the list of the biggest problems with Preference Cards today is the
fact that most physicians are essentially in the dark with changes being made or
not made on their cards.
This leads to low surgeon satisfaction, errors on cards, trust lost, etc..
Because we were founded by a pair of doctors, this was one of the key areas we
knew we wanted to get right
So our system allows Administators to easily notify surgeons of changes being
made to their card.
This isn’t required, but it’s available if you want certain surgeons to be kept up-todate.
To read more about how a pair of physicians founded PrefCards, and why
that should matter to you, CLICK HERE to read their story.
The 10 Biggest Problems
with Preference Cards

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