Surgeon Preference Card Template

When preference cards are used properly, they provide a reasonable set of directions for positioning and the equipment and supplies that are needed for a certain procedure. However, the inefficient use of the preference card system can cause more problems than it was created to solve.

At Prefcards, we can help hospitals and ASC eliminate the problems associated with preference cards. We provide preference card standardization, pick-list optimization, and ongoing preference care management. Here is the list of common issues found with surgeon preference cards and how Prefcards can help solve the problem. 

Misplaced Cards

When you have hand-written cards in files on random computers, it creates a situation where your preference card can be misplaced or lost. Unfortunately, a missing preference card can cause delay or even lead to postponed procedures. Before or during the surgical procedure, when a surgeon discovers that a certain item has not been made available, he or she can decide to continue using an alternative or stop and wait while the item has been retrieved. Regardless of the choices the surgeon made, he or she is now frustrated, which itself can increase the risk of the surgery.

At Prefcards, we have seen these scenarios, which is why we provide a cloud-based solution that protects your card from being lost or misplaced. Also, you will always have access to the latest version of the preference card on any device. 

Illegible Cards

Preference cards don’t just become illegible automatically. This problem occurs when the software is either too difficult to use or too expensive. So, the best option is to get a card that can be written on and make updates within a few minutes. At Prefcards, you can easily understand and use our platform. We make it very easy for you to know exactly what is on the preference card, including general notes. 

Absence of Cross-platform Option

Most preference card systems out there make it quite challenging to have access to your cards online. Prefcards make it easy for you to access preference cards on your mobile device. And you do not need any software to access the cards. Every feature on our platform is available for use on any device.

No Link to Inventory

This is always a problem in big hospitals where inventory is not linked to the actual card. In addition to making sure that the items are clear, you will also be able to unlock great data when your inventory is actually connected to the preference card. 

It is Not Easy to Create New Preference Cards

Another important problem with preference cards is how difficult they are to create, and this can lead to a number of problems such as preference cards been created to be more generic so that they can be used for different types of procedures or the cards been used for multiple doctors even when they have different preferences. Prefcards fix all this by offering surgeon preference card templates and making it easy for you to click on a single button to make a copy.

At Prefcards, we’ll continue to meet with surgeons and offer standardization of surgical preference cards. Sign up for a free surgeon account, surgeon preference card templates, request a demo, call us, or contact us online.

Surgeon Preference Card Template

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Surgeon Preference Card Template

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